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Welcome to Aruba’s first Authentic French Restaurant Since 2017

Bienvenu tout le monde ! Come enjoy the flavor of France and the mediterranean in our location! Family restaurant open since 2017, we making a multi faceted kitchen. Food lovers, By the Caribbeans to the Mediterranean, we will make you taste the best of French, Greek and Italian cuisine you ever taste ! Rotisserie La Braise is a French mediterranean restaurant. Our specialty is our famous farm roasted chickens. On the same location , 3 differents world! reservation please call +297 2800300 OR email at welcome@rotisserielabraise.com

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“ Reine des volailles, volaille des rois ”
Rotisserie La Braise’s concept is to serve you the best French Food in Aruba, especially the best chicken you have ever tasted! French or American farmed, and roasted in our French “rôtissoires”, the cooking of the meat is perfectly on point and to melt on your mouth. Come and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere that emerges from the kitchen and the service. We propose on the same location Pizza & Pasta and Greek Cuisine with authentic taste !
Have you tried our exquisite Greek menu yet? Check out our Facebook page for more informations and menu ! And don't forget our daily Happy hours from 5pm to 6pm !
Our poultry , meat and fishes
Because we want you to taste the best, one of our chicken selection is from the Bresse region, It is located in the regions of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté of eastern France.

Bresse chicken is the only chicken in the world that has a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label since 1957 that guarantee the quality of the product. These chickens benefit from at least 10 square meters of open air space and are, thus, able to eat fresh grass and corn.

Our American organic farmed chicken are distinct by their production and manufacturing conditions which are of a higher quality than other similar products usually marketed. Therefore, the farmers need to respect specifications to obtain the label.

About our Fishes , we work with local fisherman . We usually get fresh catch of Red snapper, Mahi Mahi and Yellow fin Tuna .

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Min 60g
White, Gray, Black
1,2 kg - 1,5 kg
France Cart Poultry
Our team at your service At Rotisserie La braise Aruba, we are devoted to our guests. Therefore, we chose the most talented team members and products to serve you the best food in the best manner for a perfect experience that will make you live an authentic French dinner just like if you were travelling to France.
Rotisserie Kip
Chicken dish
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